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Drone Saver demo in video above.

A very effective Drone Retrieval Tool

Drones retrieved in last 2 years

  • Lightweight, less than 3 pounds

  • 2" diameter, 3' long collapsed - about 30' extended

  • Non-conductive, wound filament fiberglass won't rust or corrode

  • Polyester resin baked enamel coating

Interchangeable screw on tips

  • All Purpose Hook included


      (Sold Separately)

  • Hard angle hook

  • Multiple different screw on tips & accessories

  • Carry Bag

  • etc 

Compact telescopic engineering for easy folding and carrying

Fly with more confidence in proxy

Help your friends retrieve their RC

Save time and fly more! 



Getting your drone stuck sucks

Get it out quick and easy with the drone saver telescopic pole. 

Strap it to your bag or leave it in the car when you fly. 

It's sure to help you or a co-pilot sooner or later. 

Having it gives you more confidence.

Have fun let us know what you think!

Tag us on social media with your vid or pic and how it helped you!

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Lake Drone